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Discovery Education Science Techbook

Science Techbook invites students to explore the marvels of our world with an immersive, phenomena-based core science curriculum designed to bring the excitement of science to life! See how Science Techbook supports your K-12 classrooms with relevant, phenomena-driven science instruction, time-optimizing teaching and assessment tools, interactive content, and hands-on learning opportunities.

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Science Techbook meets Tier III and Tier IV evidence requirements in compliance with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

See what happens when a vibrating tuning fork is placed in water.

Relevant Phenomena-Driven Instruction

Students engage in action-packed journeys to make sense of phenomena all year long. By following real-world storylines with an intentional sequencing of activities, students are motivated to ask important questions, plan investigations, use evidence-based reasoning to support their claims and solve problems.

Immersive Hands-On Experiences

Students drive learning with Science Techbook. This program provides students with immersive, interactive, and creative ways to explore through hands-on activities and labs, virtual interactives, literacy lessons, and STEM projects. These three-dimensional learning experiences deepen student understanding by giving them more opportunities to do science!

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3D Instruction Simplified

Streamlined lesson planning, personalized differentiation, ongoing progress monitoring, and ample professional learning opportunities offer educators invaluable support that saves them time. Reclaim planning time with flexible and adaptable point-of-use tools when you adopt Science Techbook as your K-12 science curriculum.

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Exciting Content that Sparks Inquiry

Exclusive, original, and highly engaging content makes our science curriculum exciting and relevant for all students. Vetted by curriculum experts and differentiated by grade level, the phenomena and content mirror the interests of students and help them make lasting connections between science, the classroom, and their everyday lives.

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Our original series, Real-World Phenomena Jr., features short videos paired with ready-to-use instructional activities that bring science to life for students.

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Active Learning Deepens Understanding

Drive student curiosity and discovery with hundreds of virtual labs and interactives embedded in our K-12 Science Techbook.

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Activate Classroom Collaboration

Studio Activities and Lessons promote classroom discourse and encourage creative ways to apply and present content.

An Integrated Experience

We support the latest integration standards and connect to most Learning Management Systems, making it easy and intuitive to access and manage your data, content, resources, and tools. Students and teachers alike can enjoy a unified classroom experience that’s easy to navigate!

Our Impact on Teaching & Learning

Use of Science Techbook is evidence-based and built upon a theory of action designed to enhance the best K-12 teaching and learning experiences.

  • Across 34 performance indicators, schools with Discovery Education’s products performed better on North Carolina’s state assessments for grade-level science proficiency than non-DE partner schools.

  • An independent science impact study with Sahuarita Unified School District (AZ) found that the investment in Discovery Education resulted in increased science, math, and reading proficiency in grades 3-8. 

  • In a study with Rock Hill School District (SC), the use of Science Techbook showed positive impacts on student achievement for fourth grade.

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Dedicated to Applying Ongoing Research

Discovery Education is proud to announce that Science Techbook meets Tier III and Tier IV evidence requirements in compliance with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Learn How Discovery Education Can Help Prepare Your Students for Success

I have witnessed the steady improvement in my students’ writing based on “feeling” to evidence. Students apply methodical thinking and evaluation like scientists and engineers to address abstract problem solving and reflect on issues with peers to develop solutions. The key component aiding my students in this process has been the scaffolding and open questioning found in Discovery Education's Science Techbook and SOS Instructional Strategies.

Jacquelyn Freeman 8th Grade Teacher, Maryland