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DreamBox Learning by Discovery Education

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Effectively address students’ individual math and reading needs in the moment, no matter how far behind or ahead they may be.

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Supplemental Math and Reading Solutions

DreamBox Math

By personalizing instruction, DreamBox Math (K—8) ensures that all students, in any circumstance, can achieve significant growth in math. Research from a diverse sample of over 70,000 students in South Carolina shows that personalized learning with DreamBox can help students exceed learning expectations.

DreamBox Reading

DreamBox Reading programs help students achieve reading proficiency with personalized practice and adaptive instruction. DreamBox Reading Park (PreK–2) and DreamBox Reading Plus (3–12) provide personalized, research-informed support to turn reluctant readers into lifelong readers.

Inspire Lifelong Learning

To effectively learn, students must feel motivated and excited about the journey. DreamBox empowers students to learn in a way that makes sense to them, explore the content they love, and boost their confidence to achieve every step of the way. 

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Supersize Your Teachers’ Superpowers​

DreamBox programs make it possible for educators to use instructional hours for teaching, not tasking. The programs use intelligent adaptivity to automate differentiated instruction and simultaneously provide every student with personalized lessons to meet their needs. Plus, teachers can track progress and make the most informed instructional decisions with real-time data, captured as students engage with the programs.

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Produce Rapid Results for Math and Reading Proficiency

DreamBox Learning is the only dual-discipline program rated STRONG by Evidence for ESSA in both math and reading. DreamBox programs have demonstrated efficacy across every achievement level, in every learning environment. Students using the programs with fidelity have shown significant growth in both math and reading.

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