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DEN Workshop Series

Learn Strategies | Share Ideas | Connect with Educators

Hear from Our Community

Connecting with the community through DEN Workshop has helped educators find valuable resources for teaching and learning. Participants have the opportunity to explore innovative strategies for integrating digital media to engage students. By sharing what they’ve learned with their colleagues, DEN Workshop participants become leaders within their schools and districts.

Join the DEN Workshop Series

Explore creative ways to engage students in learning by participating in the DEN Workshop Series. Connect with a Discovery Education leader and other participants through three live, online professional learning sessions as you learn how to maximize the Discovery Education Experience to support all learners.

DEN Workshop Sessions

Learn more below about the three online sessions included in this professional learning series.

Session 1:​

Your Daily Learning Platform​

Go hands-on in an introduction to the Discovery Education Experience. In this session, participants will explore the diverse digital resources available to them as they learn how to navigate, save, and assign high-quality content to their students. They will find opportunities for engagement and differentiation in DE’s collection of cross-curricular instructional strategies. Finally, educators will learn how they can save valuable time and energy using grab-and-go resources and extend learning beyond the classroom walls with Virtual Field Trips.


  • Content for multi-modal teaching and learning
  • Educator-contributed instructional strategies
  • Ready-to-use lesson activities
  • Virtual Field Trips

Session 2:​

Create, Collaborate, and Connect

Take teaching and learning to the next level with Studio, an innovative presentation tool that encourages creativity, collaboration, and engagement. Through hands-on exploration, participants will analyze how Studio can be used to design learning activities that support all learners and amplify student voice. They will find a wide range of Studio templates that incorporate Discovery Education’s popular SOS strategies to create a foundation for active learning. Finally, participants will see the exciting possibilities to connect students to real-world careers and experiences through Discovery Education’s Social Impact Partnerships.


  • Studio slideshows and boards
  • Student and educator collaboration
  • Studio activity templates
  • Real-world connections with Social Impact Partnerships

Session 3:​

Strengthen Student Learning

Strengthen student learning with Discovery Education Quiz, an assessment tool that provides creative ways to check for understanding and track student progress in real-time. This session will not only demonstrate how to integrate Quiz with DE’s rich video content in interactive video quizzes, but it will also feature live assessments and self-paced options that support multi-modal learning. Participants will also find opportunities to inform daily instruction through the use of the Quiz Dashboard and to provide feedback to their students. They will conclude with resources to extend their professional learning in DE’s Educator Supports and leave excited to connect with other members of the global DEN Community.


  • Live, interactive, and self-paced DE Quiz
  • Timely results dashboard
  • Professional learning resources
  • DEN Star Educator Program

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