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We are pleased to continue the statewide partnership between the Arizona Department of Education and Discovery Education for the 2023-2024 school year!

 As a valued educator in Arizona, you will continue to have access to a wide variety of resources. Explore our digital content, engage with professional learning opportunities, and connect with a global community of educators who are ready to support you. We invite you to take full advantage of everything this partnership has to offer!

Access Discovery Education

District Leaders

Discovery Education integrates with the most popular EdTech tools and systems, making it easy for teachers and students to securely sign in. To get started, have a district administrator or IT team member review DE’s integration options, and complete the form below. A Discovery Education technical integration specialist will follow up to assist you with setting up access.


Check with your district or school leaders to understand how to sign into Discovery Education. Alternatively, use the ‘search my school’ feature at, and we’ll guide you the rest of the way!

Share these sign-in flyers with educators and families.

Have questions or want to explore professional learning opportunities for your school or district?

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Toni Robinson

Senior Manager
Statewide and Strategic Partnerships

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Join the Discovery Educator Network

Trusted by educators since 2005, the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) offers you one of the most thriving professional learning networks in the world. DEN Members are dedicated to preparing learners for tomorrow by using digital resources and DE to create innovative classrooms connected to today’s world. They’re educators from all roles and backgrounds, joined by a passion for continuous learning and a commitment to their students.

Learn to use the Discovery Education Experience

Explore the videos below to learn about the resources and features in DE and how it can serve as your daily learning platform.

Visit our Help Center to learn about Discovery Education, including our integrations with Canvas, Google Classroom, and Schoology.

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Join us: Arizona Day of Discovery 2024!

Join us for live professional learning webinars available to Arizona educators at no cost.

As a learning leader, we recognize your need to focus on equitable instruction for all your students. Join us for a 45-minute session to learn how Discovery Education Experience, our K-12 learning platform, provides your teachers with authentic, real-world content, useful teaching tools, and professional learning strategies. Your educators will be equipped to engage students, address current and relevant topics, and take advantage of ready-to-use lesson activities that address all students’ learning needs.

Pop-Up Professional Development

Starting in January 2024, we will offer one-on-one, Pop-Up PD sessions for Arizona educators who are using Discovery Education Experience.

Pop-Up PD sessions are short, teacher-driven, informal PD sessions that focus on a specific and practical topic. They offer educators the opportunity to schedule 15-minute, one-on-one sessions directly with Discovery Education. Convenient scheduling provides busy educators with targeted learning on Discovery Education Experience topics relevant to their job and professional learning needs. These one-on-one sessions work well with educators’ limited schedules and can be used during planning periods as well as before and after school.

To schedule a Pop-Up PD session, simply click the button below.

- Select a 15-minute session
- Select staff - Toni Robinson
- Choose the date and time you'd like to meet
- Fill in your contact information
- In the notes section, list the topic(s) you would like to discuss or learn more about during your session
- At the designated date and time, join the Zoom meeting link that will be sent to your email

Upcoming Webinars

February: Designing Lessons with Studio
Studio is a space where teachers can design and assign highly engaging lesson activities. Additionally, students can create boards to demonstrate what they know, showcase digital skills, engage in academic discourse, and develop digital citizenship. During this session, participants will explore studio and learn how to combine digital content with effective teaching strategies to create multimedia studio boards.
March: Preparing for Assessments with Discovery Education Quiz
Discovery Education Quiz allows teachers to create formative assessments to check for understanding in the classroom. Educators can embed questions in a video or create a standard quiz and launch anytime—all from the same learning platform. Additionally, Quiz Library, which contains 400+ subject-specific, assessment-style quizzes, can help you regain your planning time with premade, high-quality assessments and activities. Join us to explore all the ways you can use Quiz to prepare students for assessments.
April: Ready to Use Lesson Activities
Why re-invent the wheel? With Discovery Education, you have access to over 1,000 ready-to-use lesson activities that combine Discovery Education content with the strategies you love. These lessons are available in a flexible format for modification or can be used as-is. Join us as we explore ready-made learning activities that provide students with opportunities to explore their curiosity around a variety of topics. These grade level, turnkey resources can be seamlessly implemented and save you lots of time.
May: Resources for a Summer of Learning
Discovery Education offers resources for students and parents to extend learning at home during the summer break. Continuing to learn and grow during the summer can make a big difference in a student's academic performance, and Discovery Education’s digital resources can help facilitate that process. Give students an opportunity to explore interests, sharpen skills, and have fun on their own Join us as we explore the high interest, engaging resources to keep students absorbed at home this summer.