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Discovery Education Math Techbook for South Carolina

Built to support the South Carolina College and Career Readiness Standards for Mathematics (SCCCR-M), Math Techbook is a breakthrough digital textbook that engages students in real-world problems while building lasting proficiency.

We now partner with Desmos to offer a fully-integrated Scientific, Four-Function, and Graphic Calculator with every Math Techbook!

  • Engages students with dynamic content to drive achievement
  • Balances conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application to relevant problems
  • Provides real-time data to support differentiation
  • Independently verified to meet the highest levels of mathematical content and pedagogy by and SpotOn

Access Math Techbook Anywhere, Anytime

The streamlined, responsive design of Math Techbook provides a consistent experience, accessible from any device, in any instructional setting.
The Interactive Student Edition and corresponding teacher’s guide provide a printed resource to accompany Math Techbook and ensure that students in all instructional settings get the most out of their Math Techbook experience.

Math Techbook in Action:
Any Device. Any Classroom

Available Math Courses

Grade 6 Math | Grade 7 Math | Grade 8 Math
Each 8-year digital license also includes eight (8) copies of the Interactive Student Edition to provide one (1) print companion per student for each year. One (1) copy of the corresponding Teacher’s Guide is provided for every 65 student licenses.

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Building Math Skills… It’s A Slam Dunk

Discovery Education and the NBA have teamed up to energize high school classrooms with a powerful series of interactive math problems exclusively available in Math Techbook. Inspired by game scenarios, footage and statistics, these NBA problems deepen students’ understanding of key math concepts like probability, ratio, variables, equations, weighted averages, and more.

Here’s the game plan: Let your students take a shot at a few of these problems, and watch them run to math team tryouts.