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#CelebrateWithDE: Virtual Pi Day Party

Thursday, March 14 | 1:00 PM ET

This Pi Day, you’re invited to a Virtual Party connecting classrooms in celebration of all things pi! Math-lovers from all over the world unite each year on March 14 (3/14—or 3.14, for those so inclined) to recognize this illustrious irrational number.

The annual celebration normally involves making pies, eating pies, or throwing pies, but at Discovery Education’s celebration, there’s no need to get messy. Read below to find out how to get a piece of the action.  

What is a Virtual Party?

A virtual party, just like an in-person party, is an opportunity to celebrate something together, online. Keep an eye—or keep a pi—on our Twitter and Facebook pages on Pi Day. We’ll be sharing free lesson plans, activities, trivia, and jokes—all around the significance of pi in mathematical research and its everyday applications.  

How to Participate

Participating in this virtual party is as easy as pie! Beginning at 1:00 PM ET on Pi Day, we’ll post pi-themed resources, activities, jokes, and trivia on Twitter and our Facebook pages.

Join in the conversation by sharing your students’ answers to our questions, what they think the punchline for a joke is, photos of your participation, and reflections on the meaning of pi for you and your students using the hashtag #CelebratewithDE.

You can also start planning your own Pi Day classroom activities with our free, downloadable lesson starters and jokes, customized for elementary, middle, or high school classrooms.



Join the Discussion

During our Virtual Party, join the conversation by following @DiscoveryEd on Twitter where we’ll be posting Pi-themed resources, activities, jokes, and trivia! Share photos of your classroom activities, reflections from the SOS instructional activities, and more using #CelebratewithDE. For a sneak peek of what we will be posting, see some of our riddles below and try to solve them with your class!


Suggested Viewing Activities

To make the most of the virtual viewing party with your class, we suggest the following activities.  

Grades K-5 Lesson Starter

This Pi day, have your students participate in the Hooray for Pi Day Lesson to get them to understand how you can use Pi in both mathematics and everyday life. Use the NIST Facilities video to introduce them to the ideas and then use the Pi Day Puppet Pictures Spotlight on Strategy to have them interact with the video. See the full lesson starter directions here.

  Grades 6-8 Lesson Starter

For your middle school students, have them participate in the Pi Is a Ratio Lesson to help teach how the mathematical constant π (pi) figure into work that impacts our everyday lives. Use the encyclopedia article “Pi” to introduce learn about the details of Pi. Then use the strategy 3 Truths…1 Lie (or, 3 Turths…1 Pi) to show them that reading an article will reveal the truth. See the full lesson starter directions here.

  Grades 9-12 Lesson Starter

Get your students excited for Pi Day with our Pi and Circles Lesson Starter. Use the transcripts from the videos “The Degrees of a Circle in Physics” and “Pi: Squaring the Circle” to engage your students in a vocabulary development discussion. Use the Spotlight on Strategy Concept Circles to ensure that students have a foundational understanding of the terms. See the full lesson starter directions here.

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