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STEM for All: How to Create a Healthy STEM Ecosystem

Educating all students in STEM practices will level the playing field and provide pathways to future success for all — no matter your zip code, skin color, cultural background, or gender.

To satisfy a growing appetite for STEM, educators are feeling the pressure to make curriculum changes, but many are not sure how to begin. School districts respond to this pressure by providing courses for gifted students and STEM-focused after-school clubs. However, this selective approach is failing to provide adequate STEM experiences for all Pre-K-12 students. Something needs to change, but it is unfair to expect educators to institute foundational changes without extensive support.

Download the full article to learn:

  • How to spread STEM far and wide in your district
  • How STEM for All students can make an impact
  • How to change the culture and practices in a school from the ground up
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