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Accelerating Learning Now and in the FutureMitigate Learning Loss in Your Learning Programs Throughout the Year

Creating meaningful and effective learning experiences can be one of education’s greatest challenges, but it also can bring the greatest and most innovative rewards. As you look ahead, a partnership with Discovery Education can strengthen teacher practice and accelerate student learning with timely, resources that motivate students and inspire teachers throughout the entire year.

To support you in meeting these needs, we are aligning our content to the 5 pillars of accelerating learning.

5 Pillars of Accelerating Learning

Many studies and practices around accelerating learning revolve around steps outlined in a 2014 ASCD publication, Learning in the Fast Lane by Suzy Pepper Rollins. We’ve evaluated these steps from ASCD, weighed them against the current needs and challenges, and talked to school and district leaders to deliver an updated list of five key pillars:

Prime Emotion & Spark Student Curiosity

Establish Clear Learning Goals & Continually Check for Understanding

Build Background Knowledge While Focusing on Grade-Level Content

Make Learning Accessible for All Students

Foster a Culture of Collaborative Learning

1. Prime Emotion & Spark Student Curiosity

Promote learning based on student needs, preferences, and interests whenever possible to encourage a student-centered mindset where they have the ability and the motivation to guide themselves through new concepts.

2. Establish Clear Learning Goals & Continually Check for Understanding

By providing specific expectations and multiple ways to demonstrate their understanding, learners can explore a concept creatively while working toward a clear, standards-aligned goal. Options like online assessments, collaborative boards, and self-made videos can better engage students in ways that fit their strengths.

Accelerating Learning Guide: 5 Strategies for Moving Students Forward

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3. Build Background Knowledge While Focusing on Grade-Level Content

Evaluate what students need to master the concept, and then provide scaffolded support to make it happen. It’s critical to keep students immersed in grade-level content when providing this extra practice, such as strategic “cheat sheets” or a visualization of important concepts.

4. Make Learning Accessible for All Students

Accessibility and creating equitable learning experiences are intrinsically linked to accelerating learning—how can we reach and support vulnerable and underrepresented students? For many, the quality of content and embedded tools can increase equity and accessibility.

Supporting Tools & Resources:

5. Foster a Culture of Collaborative Learning

Teachers need to be trusted by students, in class or at a distance. Educators need opportunities to interact with other educators to expand their professional learning. Leaders need to open lines of communication with families and teachers.

Supporting Tools & Resources:

NEW Ready-to-Use Activities to Support Summer Programs

In addition to the resources that Discovery Education provides to engage students and accelerate learning, teachers can take advantage of a new collection of ready-to-use activities designed specifically to support summer programs.

New activities for grades K-8 are based on ELA and Math standards that our partners have prioritized as learning recovery needs.

Each activity incorporates science or social studies content that engages students and supports background knowledge development.

In addition, there are 25 new Social-Emotional Learning activities based on our most popular content with students.

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Current Discovery Education partners can get resources connected to all five accelerating learning pillars through our comprehensive Studio Board!

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