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USA Science & Engineering Festival

Featured Programs

Discovery Education brings the real world to the classroom and the home—engaging students through dynamic partnerships with like-minded organizations that share our mission of positively impacting youth achievement.

We are excited to present these no cost, standards-aligned digital curriculum resources during the USA Science & Engineering Festival that are designed to introduce students to the careers and experiences that power STEAM learning.

Young Scientist Lab & Young Scientist Challenge

The mission of the Young Scientist Lab is to foster a new generation of scientists who are inspired to improve the world with science. For teachers, students and parents seeking a place to explore the world of scientific innovations and opportunities, Discovery Education and 3M developed this interactive portal filled with engaging activities and standards-aligned teaching tools, anchored by the award-winning annual Young Scientist Challenge.

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TGR EDU: Explore

TGR Foundation, A Tiger Woods Charity and Discovery Education have partnered on this exciting initiative to champion breakthrough transformations in student learning through engaging, interactive STEM and career exploration learning tools that will empower students to envision a future where they are able to exceed any and all expectations.

Explore hands on learning activities and college & career readiness resources to strengthen your students’ futures!

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Fueling Education

Fueling Education is a premier educational program created for students in grades 5–8 with the mission to supply educators with the tools they need to inform STEM understanding and prepare students for long-term success in the workforce. Inspire the next generation of leaders with Fueling Education and motivate your students to create the enduring innovations of the future. Revolving around four key topics that align with United Nation Sustainable Development Goals, the Fueling Education Challenge asks individual students or groups of 2-4 to identify a problem in their local communities and develop a solution.

Explore resources to help pave the way for the next generation of STEM leaders and learn more about the Fueling Education Challenge!

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STEM Careers Coalition

A coalition of industry partners are joining forces with Discovery Education to impact the culture of STEM education in K – 12 schools nationwide. The mission of the all-new STEM Careers Coalition™ is to empower educators to teach STEM more effectively in the classroom, foster equity and access to quality education, and build the next generation of solution-seekers at no-cost to schools. In addition, Coalition partners are helping us bring the real-world into the classroom with engaging activities and career exploration resources that are more impactful that ever before.

Empower your students with new classroom experiences and expose them to careers of future!

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Ignite My Future in School

Ignite My Future in School is a one-of-a-kind initiative transforming the way students across America learn through computational thinking, a foundational skill for 21st century success. Parents, teachers and students can dive into some of humanity’s greatest collective questions that will serve as a bridge to the real-world solutions being applied in a myriad of careers and industries through the universal skill of computational thinking.

Expand your students’ computational thinking skills with classroom resources, family resources, the Ignite My Future in School student challenge and extensive professional learning tools.

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Girls Get STEM

Girl Scouts of the USA and Discovery Education have partnered to spark girls’ interest in STEM and help them unleash their G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ potential. Girls Get STEM: Unleash Your Inner Scientist provides educators and Girl Scouts troop leaders with standards-aligned curriculum that aims to address gender equity in STEM education across the country through a series of girl-led, girl-tested, and girl-approved resources for students in grades 2-5.

Help your students unleash their inner scientist with family activities, videos and standards-aligned curriculum.

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Innovation Generation

Innovation Generation – Making an Impact ignites, engages, and empowers makers with digital resources created to cultivate collaboration, problem solving and STEAM skillsets in students through real-world explorations with engaging, hands-on classroom activities, a virtual field trip and the Making for Good Student Challenge.

Power the maker within your students!

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Science Fair Central

The Home Depot and Discovery Education have joined forces to help STEAM-power classrooms and homes across the country as students prepare for the careers of tomorrow. With 10 million students from grades K-12 participating in science fairs and STEAM events every year, Science Fair Central aims to give students the tools to take their projects to the next level.

Prepare your students with hands-on activities, family resources and a special guide for science fair coordinators!

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AstraZeneca, Learning Undefeated, and Discovery Education have partnered to create Generation Health: How Science Powers Us, a dynamic middle school program that aims to make science personal through a focus on healthy living messaging. This program provides hands-on, standards-aligned STEM learning activities where students investigate both preventative measures and innovative solutions to key health concerns in the areas of oncology, cardiovascular, and respiratory.

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DNA Decoded

Genomics is the study of an organism’s entire DNA. The Illumina Foundation and Discovery Education have partnered to create DNA Decoded to encourage middle and high school teachers to unlock the power of genomics and impact the future of their students. Through these resources students will how STEM professionals use genomics to fight diseases, such as sickle cell anemia and cancer, and boost the health of the world’s food supply. DNA Decoded provides ready-to-go, standards-aligned lessons and activities for teachers and students to explore the ways they can see genomics working in their everyday lives.

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