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New York City DOE Learn at Home Powered by Discovery Education

Empower Educators & Ignite Inspiration

What is Experience?

Our dynamic Experience platform is packed with over 180,000 assignable, editable activities and resources for K-12, based on core curriculum concepts and popular topics in math, science, social studies, ELA, and health. Whether you’re looking for fun videos, interactive activities, or complete, ready-to-use lesson plans, Discovery Education Experience has everything teachers want and students need to enhance remote learning.

Getting Started with Clever

The easiest way to get started with Discovery Education is through your Clever portal. View the Clever video to learn how! After logging in, be sure to click on the Discovery Education logo to begin. If you need additional support, please access the Clever help center.

Getting Started with Remote Learning

Remote learning helps you maintain engagement and continuity of learning outside of the classroom with tools that allow you to still communicate with your students, facilitate group activities, provide feedback, track student progress, and create a lasting educational impact.

Discover Resources

Choose from thousands of vetted, high-quality resources that adapt to and complement your teaching practices, including videos, images, interactives, reading passages, podcasts, and more. All content is ad-free, carefully curated, and segmented by grade level to help find exactly what you need.

Grab & Go

Take advantage of ready-to-use, easily adaptable lessons and step-by-step guides, and find complete collections of research-based strategies through dedicated collections like the Instructional Inspiration channel. You can also find one-of-a-kind lessons activities and experiences through our Virtual Field Trips.

Share with Students

All resources within Experience can be shared with your students in a variety of ways, including email, web links/URLs, Google Classroom, social media, and other web-based classroom tools. You can also use Studio, the safe creation and collaboration tool included in Experience, to easily assign content directly and track learning.

Ask for Help

Whether you need a nudge, have a question, or are ready for the next step, know that you are not alone. We’ve assembled a vast library of support tools, including virtual office hours and interactive courses. And if you’re looking for advice from other teachers who are facing the same challenges or reaching for the same goals, the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) is just one click away.


Use these resources to help you get started as you build your remote learning experience.

Professional Learning Events

Join our upcoming live events or watch past ones.

Connect with Us

Reach out for help and join our social community.