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Thank you for Joining Discovery Education at NSTA 2022

March 31 – April 2 | Houston, Texas

Thank You for Joining Us for Three Phenomenal Days at NSTA

We enjoyed bringing unique sessions, inspiring stories, practical strategies, hands-on experiences and our phenomenal science solutions.

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Explore Our Phenomenal Science Solutions

Curious about Discovery Education? Learn more about DE’s full spectrum of science solutions for your students.

Revisit Our Interactive Discovery Education & Mystery Science Sessions

Jumpstart a “Phenomenal” Day with a Discovery Education Hands-On Experience

Start your day with the Discovery Education team as they take you on a high energy and hands-on immersion into the wonderful world of Phenomena! We will highlight curriculum and instruction from our award-winning DE platform, Science Techbook, STEM Connect, STEM Careers Coalition, and more that focus on the engagement of all students as they tackle the three dimensions of science instruction, make sense of phenomena, and design solutions to problems.

Presented by:

  • Brad Fountain, Senior Director of Teaching & Learning, Discovery Education
  • The Discovery Education Team

Access Phenomena Activities

Bringing Science to Life in Today’s Classrooms

Hear how seasoned educators are successfully engaging students, inspiring creativity in the learning space, and powering through challenges during this evolving time in education to bring science to life in today’s classrooms..

Presented by:

  • Ann Crilley, Senior Manager of Community and Engagement, Discovery Education
  • Cameron Waldo, Community Manager, Discovery Education
  • The Discovery Educator Network (DEN) Community

Access Instructional Strategies

Texas Science Lunch & Learn: Discovery Education and Mystery Science

Explore how Discovery Education supports Texas educators with a specially designed Texas 2-Year Science Package that is fully aligned to the TEKS and includes ready-to-use activities and new, easy-to-use lessons available through our partnership with Mystery Science.

Presented by:

  • Justin Karkow, Vice President of Teaching & Learning, Discovery Education
  • Brittany Lewis, Education Partnerships Manager, Discovery Education

Explore Texas Science

  • Discovery Education for Texas Science
  • 7 Ways to Science with Discovery Education

    To celebrate 20 years of supporting teachers and engaging students, the Discovery Education team unveils seven things that you didn’t know about your FAVORITE science learning platform, and one thing you probably did! We invite our OG United Streaming users, our STAR Discovery Educators, our first-year educators, and anybody who is looking to level up their teaching and learning toolkits to join us for a deep dive into content, strategies, activities, partnerships, and tools you can use with your students tomorrow!

    Presented by:

    • Justin Karkow, Vice President of Teaching & Learning, Discovery Education

    Access the Resources

    Phenomena Are Elementary: Curriculum and Pedagogy in K-5

    The elementary years are an exciting time of curiosity and exploration for children! See how high-quality, engaging phenomena enable elementary teachers to lay the foundation for a lifelong love of science. We’ll unpack the unique opportunities and challenges that are present in the elementary grades and see how modern instructional practices can be implemented in a variety of ways, from bite-sized brain breaks up through investigations that span multiple weeks. Mystery Science has a variety of curriculum options to help you take your science instruction to the next level.

    Presented by:

    • Phil Keck, Mystery Science Senior Curriculum Developer, Discovery Education

    Explore Mystery Science

  • Mystery Science NGSS
  • Mystery Science Texas
  • Exploring the Practice of Developing and Using Models

    Explore the practice of developing and using models by analyzing maps from The NSTA Atlas of Science Literacy and developing your own models based on your observations of a phenomenon during a hands-on activity.

    Presented by:

    • Ted Willard, Author of The Atlas of the Three-Dimensions, and Senior Science Expert, Discovery Education
    • Brad Fountain, Director of Teaching & Learning, Discovery Education

    Location: Room 351E

    Resources Coming Soon

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