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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This program was built exclusively for the Florida State Academic Standards for Science. In the accompanying print Teacher Editions, instructors will see standards at point-of-use within the lesson. Print Student Editions and Teacher Editions include standards in the concept openers as an additional reference point.

Digitally, standards are included in the Table of Contents, lesson pages, and within teacher planning and support resources. From the standards page, you can search by standard code or language.

Within the course, students authentically engage with Nature of Science benchmarks as they interact with the curriculum.

Yes! Students are introduced to a real-world science phenomenon in the Engage portion of the 5E instructional model. Phenomena are introduced in one of four ways – hands on activities, video, images or scientific text. This relevant phenomena-based activity excites students as they get ready to explore the upcoming science concept.

Students gather evidence to make sense of the phenomenon through hands-on activities, interactives, videos, and grade-level appropriate scientific texts. There are multiple opportunities that support students’ meaningful sensemaking through reading, writing, thinking, and acting as scientists and engineers. Students revisit the phenomenon while completing Phenomenon Check-ins throughout the program, giving them opportunities to develop understanding of the science concepts.

Yes! Science Techbook for Florida provides a complete science curriculum in English and Spanish. We also support English Language Learners with embedded listening, reading, writing, and speaking supports to help students meet grade-level science content expectations. Students will benefit from features like Immersive Reader, Interactive Glossary, authentically translated lessons, summative and formative assessments in English and Spanish, and more. Teachers can access point-of-use English, Language Development Support strategies for multiple proficiency levels to meet the needs of their learners and use student data to inform and differentiate instruction.

Frequently Asked Questions

This event will be held virtually using Zoom webinars and meetings. You can join via your calendar invite or by clicking the Join Event button at the top of this page.

No, this event is free to attend. 

Yes, portions of the event will be recorded and shared with registered participants after the event. Due to the collaborative nature of the event, we will not record it in its entirety.

If you are unable to join the meeting, please visit the Zoom Support Center for useful information.

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