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Voices of U.S. –
Why We Serve Virtual Field Trip

Explore the Importance of Service in Honor of Veterans Day

Join Discovery Education on a unique journey that inspires student agency through the lens of duty and service.

Hosted by students, the Voices of U.S. – Why We Serve Virtual Field Trip:

  • Features personal stories from notable U.S. military veterans, civic leaders, and community service providers.
  • Showcases historic locations that exemplify the meaning of service, honor, and duty.
  • Inspires students to reflect on the sacrifices of our U.S. military service members and how it impacts our country.
  • Encourages students to consider ways they can also act and serve their communities.

Featuring Inspiring Special Guests

Joni Ernst

U.S. Senator, R-IA

Mikie Sherrill

U.S. Representative, D-NJ-11

Neal McIntyre

Deputy Superintendent, Arlington National Cemetery


Student and Community Volunteer, Springfield, Virginia

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Voices of U.S. – Why We Serve is the first installment in Voices of U.S., a Virtual Field Trip series in partnership with Discovery, Inc. that introduces students to the principles, people, and perspectives that shape our nation and inspires them to participate in civic life.

Voices of U.S. –
Why We Serve Virtual Field Trip

Resources for Educators, Students, & Families

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Take advantage of these instructional materials to help engage your students before, during, and after the Virtual Field Trip:

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