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Constitution Day 2019


Watch with Your Class

Celebrate Constitution Day by joining a Virtual Viewing Party tailored to engage students to find their voices and know their rights. Politics and government can often seem like the dominion of adults, and school-aged children may not realize that they too have a voice in American society. Through participation in this Virtual Viewing Party, students will see examples of the rights the Constitution gives to them, how those rights are protected, and how they can use those rights to make their voices heard.

What is a Virtual Viewing Party?

The Constitution Day virtual viewing party features a special screening of a video featuring interviews with noted free speech activist Mary Beth Tinker, celebrated defense attorney Michael Brown, Esq., and 12th grade student activist and poet Zarea Boyde, to help students find their voice as citizens. During this VVP your students will explore:


You Have a Voice Students will learn how their Constitutional rights give them a voice in American society.


How Your Voice is Protected Students will explore how their Constitutional rights are still protected by the Bill of Rights.


Make Your Voice Heard Students will be encouraged to use their voices to take civic action and create positive changes for themselves and others.

Suggested Viewing Activities

We’ve created a collection of activities for K-12 classrooms to drive discussion, ignite student’s natural curiosity and connect the content in the virtual viewing party to your curriculum.
Download the Teacher Guide
Interested in accessing the footage and resources from this Constitution Virtual Viewing Party after September 17? Log in and search the Constitution Day Channel. Not a Discovery Education user? No problem. Request a demo.

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