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A Snapshot of Discovery Education's Impact

For decades, Discovery Education has been making a lasting impact on student success around the world. Get a snapshot of how teachers and students are reaping the benefits of a partnership with us.

Discovery Education supports our district goals of broadening the horizon of our students. We want our students to learn about the world in authentic ways and Discovery Education has the potential to cast a wider net for research and activities.
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Dalton Heppler
Verizon Innovative Learning Schools (VILS) Coach
Discovery Education has become a go-to application for classroom teachers and support staff. Having an online tool that supports not only my instructional goal but also the district’s overall goal is a win for all.
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Dawn Huston
Instructional Technology Facilitator
Discovery Education brings excellence. The curated content helps teachers differentiate, engage, and motivate our students to learn and soar.
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Jennifer Williams
Instructional Technology Facilitator
As a district, we work hard to be culturally responsive. The wealth of perspectives represented by the incredible library of resources within Discovery Education supports this goal.
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Hugh Burke
Digital Learning Coach
Working with all grades and subjects means I need a variety of resources—Discovery Education is such a powerful resource that allows me to support all learners across my building.
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Renee Cunningham
Media Coordinator
Discovery Education supports our district goals of inspiring our students to be lifelong learners and difference makers. It helps learners master district and state standards in fun, relevant, and engaging ways.
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Kim Bridgette
Elementary Coordinator of Online Learning and Technology Integration
Discovery Education provides project-based learning and STEM ideas that are ready-made for teachers to use with students, both of which align to our district goals.
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Eve Heaton
Technology Coach
Discovery Education offers authentic and relevant instructional strategies and resources that are aligned with our state standards, our profile of a graduate, and supports us in meeting the social and emotional learning needs of our students. It also addresses culturally relevant perspectives to help give our students a relatable and accurate learning story.
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Supervisor of Instructional Technology Coaches
Discovery Education has been a crucial tool in my daily routine! Due to a teacher shortage, I was asked to step in as the acting Spanish Science Immersion teacher, despite not having expertise in those subjects or speaking Spanish. Discovery Education provided trusted resources in Spanish for delivering content . . . the platform significantly reduced my frustration levels, alleviated anxiety, and made class enjoyable for my students.
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Sarah Smith
Instructional Coach
This has been a couple of challenging years for our educators and now more than ever, they need to quickly find high-quality resources that will augment their lessons. Discovery Education’s interface makes this easy for teachers as they can search by content, grade level and standard. Having these high-quality resources at our educators’ fingertips has been instrumental in maintaining quality education in our schools.
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Roma Matott
Instructional Support Specialist (School Library System)
Since I was involved in Discovery Education training this year, I can better incorporate the 4 Cs of learning. The Discovery Education website and materials have had a significant impact on my social studies instruction and my students’ learning.
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Jennifer Insua
Assistant Principal
Through news stories, videos, images, and virtual field trips, students can see things they normally would not in their day-to-day lives. Living in Florida, our students don’t get to see polar bears in nature. A virtual field trip to the tundra immerses them in this environment. The world is opened to students through digital media.
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Cyndi Long
K-12 Coordinator of Science
As I moved from finding resources for consumption of information to creation of content, I found a higher level of student engagement and an increase in student understanding. In place of a traditional worksheet, I had students create Studio Boards to convey their understanding, which helped me facilitate student ownership, creativity, and authentic engagement.
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Leann Rains-Sharma
Gifted and Talented Science Teacher
Discovery Education supports our district’s goal of endorsing learning paths for post-secondary training and college and career readiness for every student. The career boards that I have been using with my class are preparing my students with ideas and expectations for careers they may have never thought about.
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Angela Pemberton
4th Grade Teacher
We are a virtual school and one of our goals is to provide personalized education for each student. Discovery Education allows me to tailor my assignments for each student. I can add or subtract lessons from my assignment. I can also add in more resources for the struggling student or student who may speak English as a second language. All of this helps me personalize learning.
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Virtual Teacher
Discovery Education provides both resources to use with students as well as resources for teachers to use to enhance their lesson plans. We strive to use the 4 Cs in our district and Discovery Education gives us plenty of resources and ideas on how to incorporate these goals into our classroom.
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1st Grade Teacher
Students tend to shy away from writing due to fear of being wrong or ostracized for thinking a specific way. The strategies from Discovery Education help alleviate those concerns. I have seen students become emboldened when they realize their responses are in line with others, and it’s amazing to see the sense of camaraderie created among the class.
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Jacquelyn Freeman
8th Grade Teacher
This year I have noticed my students struggling to identify key details in a passage and with comprehension questions regarding the text. Discovery Education supports my literacy instruction by helping me reach my students in a variety of methods. It offers instructional videos for teachers that model how to implement new strategies, interesting reading passages to help students practice their reading skills, and other engaging resources for student use.
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Judith Philias
Elementary ELA Teacher

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