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Celebrate Inauguration Day with Discovery Education

Every four years, an amazing celebration happens in Washington, D.C. — Americans come together to watch the recently elected President of the United States pledge to uphold and defend the laws of the land. Ignite student curiosity around the significance and history of Inauguration Day with new resources from Discovery Education. Students can take an exclusive Virtual Field Trip behind the scenes, participate in engaging activities in and out of the classroom, and watch the livestream of the special ceremony!

Virtual Field Trip I Do Solemnly Swear:
The U.S. Presidential Inauguration

This behind-the-scenes Virtual Field Trip features Inauguration Day questions from real students and answers from real experts. Spark student interest and dive deeper into Inauguration Day topics, including:

  • What is it like at a Presidential Inauguration?
  • Why do we have inaugurations?
  • Why do they happen on January 20?
  • Why is the inauguration held at the Capitol?
  • What is it like to move into the White House?

Featuring Special Guests with Inside Knowledge of the Inauguration Celebration

Anita McBride

Former Chief of Staff to First Lady Laura Bush

Carla Hayden

14th Librarian of Congress

Dr. Jill Biden

First Lady-Elect

Sarada Peri

Speechwriter for Former President Barack Obama

Mary Kate Cary

Speechwriter for Former President George H.W. Bush

Colleen Shogan

White House Historical Association

Kate Masur

Historian, Northwestern University

Amy Klobuchar

U.S. Senator, Minnesota (D)

Roy Blunt

U.S. Senator, Missouri (R)

In Partnership with

Operation Homefront

Previous Live Event Our White House: An Inaugural Celebration for Young Americans

Join Discovery Education and the Presidential Inauguration Committee for an immersive livestream of Inauguration Day! Hosted by Keke Palmer, this historic event will feature messages from a special guest, segments from the Library of Congress, trivia and fun facts, and events of the 2021 Presidential Inauguration.

Inauguration Day Resources for Educators and Students

Resources Available in Discovery Education

Our newly updated Inauguration channel includes a variety of engaging resources for K-12, including historic images, inaugural speeches, and resources on current political events.

Visit the channel:

Explore other Discovery Education resources on civics, U.S. history, current events, and more.